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Table 3 Information about the studies that have determined allometric equations to estimate the aboveground biomass of P. patula trees

From: Impacts of pine plantations on carbon stocks of páramo sites in southern Ecuador

Research Location (state, country) Elevation (m a.s.l.) Type of forest Sampling size (trees)
Castellanos et al. [66] Puebla, México 2400 Pine forest 27
Díaz Franco [67] Tlaxcala, México 2875 Pine forest 25
Figueroa et al. [68] Hidalgo, México 2800 Pine-Oak forest 18
Pacheco [69] Oaxaca, México 2000 Pine-Oak forest 18
Rodríguez-Laguna et al. [70] Tamaulipas, México 1800 Pine-Oak forest 111
Rodríguez-Ortiz et al. [71] Oaxaca, México 2550 Cultivated forest 30
Usuga et al. [72] Angostura-Manizales, Colombia 2230 Cultivated forest 54