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Table 8 Total emissions and difference in the emissions from transportation from comparing regional and non-regional distribution systems in the four scenarios

From: Can a shift to regional and organic diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the food system? A case study from Qatar

  Consumption (Kg capita−1 year−1) Emission factors of animal products (Kg CO2 Kg product−1) Emission factors of plant-based products (Kg CO2 Kg product−1) Scenario 1 (KgCO2 capita−1 year−1) Scenario 2 (KgCO2 capita−1 yr−1) Scenario 3 (KgCO2 capita−1 year−1) BAU (KgCO2 capita−1 year−1)
Animal Plant-based Non-regional Regional Non-regional Regional Regional 100% non-regional 100% regional100% regional 50% non-reg 50% reg 85% non-reg
183.65 327.90 1.4232 0.0227 1.9746 0.0227     
Total emissions of animal products        261.34 4.16 132.75 205.31
Difference in the emissions of animal products        257.18 0 128.59 201.15
Total emissions of plant-based products        647.48 7.43 327.45 586.17
Difference in the emissions of plant-based products        640.05 0 320.03 578.74
Total emissions (plant-based + animal products)        908.82 11.59 460.20 791.48
Total difference in the emissions (plant-based + animal products)        897.23 0 448.62 779.89
  1. Separated results for animal and plant-based products in the four scenarios are shown. Please, note that the 100% regional (scenario 2) is the baseline for the calculation of the difference in the emissions. More information on imports and intermediate calculations are shown in Additional file 1: Tables S10–S13)
  2. Values in italic show differences in the emissions