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Table 1 Consumption (Kg capita−1 year−1) and yields (t ha−1 year−1) of the different plant-based and animal products included in the study

From: Can a shift to regional and organic diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the food system? A case study from Qatar

Product Consumption Yields
Eggs 11.69  
Poultry meat 43.41  
Fish (farmed fish) 16.05  
Milk (included dairy products) 90.61  
Beef cattle 8.39  
Sheep and goat meat 13.50  
Sub-total animal products 183.65  
Cereals 109.62 6.03
Vegetables 160.27 19.95
Fruits 43.45 3.90
Dates 14.56 12.00
Sub-total plant-based products 327.90  
Total animal and plant-based products 511.55  
  1. Values taken from the official statistics of the State of Qatar [43, 45]
  2. Values in italic show sub-total and total consumption