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Table 1 Wildland average carbon storage by vegetation type

From: Ecosystem services in vineyard landscapes: a focus on aboveground carbon storage and accumulation

Vegetation Type n Ave. C (Mg/Ha) Dominant Genera (by mass)
Russian River Riparian 6 48.4 Populus, Sambucus, Juglans, Acer
Oak Woodland 5 71.0 Quercus
Creek Riparian 3 73.6 Populus, Quercus, Juglans, Fraxinus
Oak Savannah 5 114.0 Quercus
Oak Madrone Woodland 3 120.2 Quercus, Arbutus
  1. Average carbon (Mg/Ha) for 22 wildland vegetation plots sampled following Pearson et al. (27) and stratified a priori into 5 vegetation types based on dominant vegetation and topographic position