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Table 5 A comparison of electricity FFCO2 emissions between Baltimore’s SRI and Hestia-Baltimore

From: Informing urban climate planning with high resolution data: the Hestia fossil fuel CO2 emissions for Baltimore, Maryland

Electricity producing facility Baltimore SRI for 2014 (CO2 in t C) Hestia-Baltimore for 2014 (t C) Relative Mean Difference (%)
Gould Street 3609.8 3243.6 − 10.7
Philadelphia 5216.9 4797.7 − 8.4
Westport 1449.3 1479.1 2.0
Wheelabrator Baltimore Refuse 75,773.5 91,614.4 18.9
Trigen Leadenhall Sta 11,723.5 0 − 200
Trigen North Central Aveb 5194.0 N/A − 200
Total 102,967.0 101,134.8 − 1.8%
  1. Electricity producing facilities in Baltimore’s self-reported inventory (SRI) emissions for the year 2014 were matched to emissions from Hestia-Baltimore v1.6 from 2014. Note that some facilities that were included in the Hestia-Baltimore emissions (Tables 3 and 4), such as the Domino Sugar facility, are not included in this table, but may be included in other sectors in the SRI (e.g., industrial)
  2. aReported as an industrial point facility in Hestia-Baltimore, not an electricity producing facility, named ‘Veolia Energy Baltimore Heating, LLP-Spring Gardens’. No carbon monoxide emissions were reported for this facility in the 2011 NEI so there are no FFCO2 emissions in any year
  3. bNo matching facility was included in the Hestia-Baltimore data