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Table 4 Allometric equations used to calculate aboveground and belowground biomass (t) of trees

From: Estimation of aboveground and belowground carbon stocks in urban freshwater wetlands of Sri Lanka

Allometric equation for AGB Source Species
\({AGB = 0.1637(DBH)}^{2.2864}\)a [12] Annona glabra
\(AGB= {0.1466(DBH)}^{2.3369}\)b [12] Sonneratia caseolaris, Barringtonia asiatica, Carallia brachiata, Cerbera odollam
\({AGB}_{stem}=0.092486\times \left(DBH\right)\times {H}^{1.4765}\) [40] Acacia auriculiformis
\(ABG=\mathit{exp}\left\{-2.4090+0.9522\mathit{ln}\left({DBH}^{2}\times H\times \rho \right)\right\}\) [41] Other species
  1. AGB aboveground biomass, BGB belowground biomass, DBH diameter at breast height, H height, \(\rho \) Wood density. Wood density (g/cm3) values used for calculating biomass were obtained mainly from [42] and [43]. a and b have been developed for green biomass. Thus, green biomass was converted to dry biomass using biomass conversion factors—0.529 and 0.539 for corresponding equations a and b according to Khanh and Subasinghe [12]