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Table 3 Scale-up to countywide carbon sequestration estimates

From: Increases in soil and woody biomass carbon stocks as a result of rangeland riparian restoration

Landform Stream distance (m) Restorable area (ha) Mg C/ha Success % Total Low estimate High estimate
Channel 0–3 207.2 184.30 0.6188 23,630 13,039 28,993
Floodplain 3–12 765.61 291.00 0.7607 169,478 82,939 180,543
Upper bank 12–24 1334.75 256.62 0.2678 91,728 45,256 103,568
Total     Mg 284,836 141,234 313,104
     CO2e 1,044,399 517,858 1,148,048
  1. Restorable area represents grassland land cover within the stream buffer width indicated for the entire 1215-km stream network of Marin County, California. Carbon in Mg C ha−1 represents the sum of modeled biomass and soil estimates at 20 years restoration age. Success rate is calculated as the proportion, by area, of the total area attempted that resulted in successful revegetation. Total is the product of restorable area, Mg C ha−1, and success rate %; low and high estimates are calculated the same way, but use the endpoints of the 95% confidence intervals for the 20-year point estimates for soil C and biomass C