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Table 4 Average annual POC and DOC fluxes from terrestrial to aquatic environments in the study watershed summarized over 2014-2017

From: Modeling sediment diagenesis processes on riverbed to better quantify aquatic carbon fluxes and stocks in a small watershed of the Mid-Atlantic region

Variable Watershed contri. Riverine contri. Outlet outflow Deposition Resuspension Net deposition Bury
POC (kgC ha−1) 36.6 0.05 24.5 11.44 0.04 11.4 0.34
DOC (kgC ha−1) 46 0.72 46.3
  Out/WC NDep/WC NDep/Out Res/Dep Bury/WC Bury/Out Bury/NDep
POC 0.67 0.31 0.47 0.004 0.009 0.014 0.03
DOC 1.01
  1. The table also includes average annual deposition and resuspension amounts of POC over the entire watershed and ratios between fluxes for POC and DOC
  2. Out, WC, Dep, Res, and NDep indicate outlet outflow, watershed contribution, deposition, resuspension, and net deposition (equal to deposition–resuspension), respectively