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Table 1 Calibrated model parameter values for flow rate and sediment, POC and DOC loads in the study watershed

From: Modeling sediment diagenesis processes on riverbed to better quantify aquatic carbon fluxes and stocks in a small watershed of the Mid-Atlantic region

Variable Parameter* Explanation Calibrated value
  V_SFTMP Snowfall temperature (°C) − 0.375
R_CN2 Curve number −9%
V_SURLAG Surface runoff lag coefficient 0.28
Flow rate V_ESCO Soil evaporation compensation factor 0.77
V_SLSOIL Slope length for lateral flow (m) 13.5
V_ALPHA_BF Baseflow alpha factor (1/days) 0.0565
V_GW_DELAY Groundwater delay (day) 13.5
Sediment R_USLE_K USLE soil erosivity factor 0
V_USLE_P USLE support practice factor 1
V_ADJ_PKR Peak rate adjustment factor in tributary channels 1
V_PRF Peak rate adjustment factor in main channels 0.022
V_SPCON Linear parameter for sediment routing in main channels 0.003238
V_SPEXP Exponent parameter for sediment routing in main channels 1.1975
V_ERPOC POC enrichment ratio 2.98
POC V_Vlpoc LPOC settling velocity (m day−1) 0.12
V_Vrpoc RPOC settling velocity (m day−1) 0.36
DOC V_kOC Organic C partition coefficient 4185
V_βDOC DOC percolation coefficient for top soil 0.83
  1. *The leading letters R and V in the parameters names stand for relative change (%) and replace the default value with the adjusted value [97], respectively