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Table 5 Comparison of aboveground tree biomass (stump included, foliage excluded for all allometric equations) for tree species common in our study area, but not destructively sampled

From: Variability and uncertainty in forest biomass estimates from the tree to landscape scale: the role of allometric equations

Species Local—Jenkins Local—FIA-CRM Jenkins—FIA-CRM
Mean diff (kg) Mean relative diff (%) Mean diff (kg) Mean relative diff (%) Mean diff (kg) Mean relative diff (%)
Engelmann spruce − 20.2 − 15.6 67.8 33.4 83.4 41.2
Subalpine fir − 60.8 − 116.3 NA NA 60.8 44.2
Quaking aspen − 35.1 − 30.0 12.4 23.3 47.9 41.2
  1. Local biomass estimates for Engelmann spruce, subalpine fir, and aspen were made using allometric equations from Landis and Mogren [52], FIA-CRM, and Johnston and Bartos [53], respectively
  2. The relative differences were calculated by dividing each tree biomass difference by the minuend. FIA-CRM was used to estimate tree-level biomass in both the local and FIA-CRM scenario, so their difference is not applicable