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Table 1 Summary of HWP treatment under various UNFCCC schemes

From: Assessing the contribution of harvested wood products under greenhouse gas estimation: accounting under the Paris Agreement and the potential for double-counting among the choice of approaches

SchemeHWP approachApplied IPCC guidelines
GHG inventory before PA
 For Annex IProduction approach, stock-change approach, atmospheric-flow approach
Simple-decay approach
2006 IPCC guidelines
 For non-Annex INo specific ruleRevised 1996 guidelinesa
 First commitment periodInstantaneous oxidationGPG-LULUCF
 Second commitment periodProduction-based approach/instantaneous oxidation2006 IPCC Guidelines
2013 KPSG
REDD+No specific ruleMost recent IPCC guidelines
 GHG inventoryProduction approach (or instantaneous oxidation)—as common information
Any approach for national GHG inventory estimation
2006 IPCC Guidelines and any subsequent IPCC guidelines
 NDC accountingAny approachIPCC guidance (= all IPCC guidelines and guidance)
  1. aUsing the Revised 1996 Guidance is mandatory but using Good Practice Guidance for LULUCF is encouraged. Using the 2006 IPCC guidelines is allowed