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Table 3 Environmental factor maps in the Brazilian Amazon

From: Evaluating spatial coverage of data on the aboveground biomass in undisturbed forests in the Brazilian Amazon

Environmental factor Maps Description Coverage Spatial resolution scale Download site
Vegetation Vegetation map [62] Based on the RadamBrasil map, with the land-use classes updated by the SIVAM project National 1: 250,000
IBGE vegetation map [63] Part of the wall maps of IBGE, based on RadamBrasil map with the land-use classes updated by the SIVAM project National 1: 5,000,000
Vegetation physiognomies of Brazil [15] Map used in the National Communications grouping of the transition classes of the IBGE vegetation map [63] Regional 1: 250,000
Soils Soil map of Brazil [64] The soil map used in the new Brazilian system of soil classification of Embrapa and published by IBGE National 1: 5,000,000
Soils of legal Amazon [65] This is an adaptation of the Embrapa/IBGE 2001 soil map [64] National 1: 250,000
Soils [38] Soil carbon stocks National
Soil map [66] Soil maps with particular reference to RAINFOR sites. Basin wide distributions of soils under forest vegetation Regional 1: 5,000,000
Climate WorldClim global climate data WorldClim, uses meteorological field station observations from 1950 to 2000 Global
Climate map of Brazil [40] Thematic map of Brazil, data from 1978 with adaptations in 2002 National 1: 5,000,000
Elevation SRTM 90 m (NASA, 2000) SRTM of 90 m resolution Global 90 m
SRTM 30 m (TOPODATA) SRTM of 30 m resolution Global 30 m
Topography Relief map 2002 [39] Relief map 2002 (Compartimentos do relevo do Brasil—2002) National 1: 250,000
Relief units map of Brazil [67] Thematic map, based on the RadamBrasil Project and improved by the SIVAM project National 1: 5,000,000