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Table 1 Description of the forest inventory plots of the Brazilian Amazon (institutions, networks and projects)

From: Evaluating spatial coverage of data on the aboveground biomass in undisturbed forests in the Brazilian Amazon

Stakeholders Scale Objective of AGB collection Initial measurements/remeasurements Total plots/Brazilian plots Plots in the study area/sampled area (ha) Carbon pools measured Availability Web page
Amazon forest inventory network (RAINFOR) Amazon Basin Monitor large-scale patterns of forest structure and dynamics across Amazonia ~ 1960/yes 413/141 105/405 AGB Yes, online
RadamBrasil Brazilian Amazon Large-scale forest inventories aiming at commercial trees 1973–1983/no 2702/2702 1682/1682 AGB Yes, online
Tropical ecology assessment and monitoring (TEAM) Network Pantropical Monitor long-term trends in biodiversity, land cover change, climate and ecosystem services in tropical forests 2002/yes 1021/136 136/136 AGB Yes, online
Research program for biodiversity (PPBio) Brazil Intensify biodiversity studies in Brazil, decentralizing the scientific production to disseminate the results 2004/yes > 1000/ND 458/458 AGB Yes, online
Sustainable landscapes Brazilian Amazon/local (São Paulo, Santa Catarina) Focus on airborne LiDAR and degraded forests, using field plots to calibrate the empirical relations between ALS and AGB 2012/yes > 500 473/115 AGB Yes, online
INPA-Amazonas state forest inventory Regional (Amazonas state), local (Acre, Pará, Roraima) Establish a continuous forestry inventory system of Amazonas state 1980/yes ND/2503 1362 plots/1362 AGB, few trees of BGB Nob
Brazilian forest service
 National Forest Inventory Brazil Generate information on forest resources (natural and plantations) every 5 years 2013–2017/yes 10,091 (of 17,580 planned)/10,091 1202 (of 5828 planned)/240 AGB, litter, soil, dead wood Not yet for the Amazon biome, yes for the rest
 Permanent plots in forest concessions Local (Rondônia and Pará) Monitor forest concessions 2010 192 192/a38.4 AGB ND
Redeflor Brazil Monitor forest dynamics through permanent plots ND 800 ND/ND ND No
Tropical ecosystems and environmental Sciences Laboratory (TREES) Local (Acre, Rondônia, Alta floresta, Pará, Manaus) Assess the impacts of environmental changes on tropical ecosystems using remote sensing and field surveys, with focus on fire 2012/yes 60 49/17 AGB Yes, through RAINFOR site
  1. ND no data, AGB aboveground biomass, BGB belowground biomass, ALS airborne laser scanning, LiDAR light detection and ranging
  2. aIn the case of the sampled area of the forest concessions, we assumed that the area was the same as the of the National Forest Inventory (0.2 ha)
  3. bThe biomass and carbon data of the plots of the National Forest Inventory for the states of the Amazon biome are not yet available online, although the data are available for other states that have already ceased collecting measurements