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Table 3 Change in the FRL (including HWP) at the aggregate EU28 level measured as the difference in the estimated FRL between scenarios

From: Impact of modelling choices on setting the reference levels for the EU forest carbon sinks: how do different assumptions affect the country-specific forest reference levels?

  Alternatives (Alt) for the comparison Scenarios used for comparison
Starting year of projections
 Starting projections in 2015 instead of 2010 Alt 1 A → B
Alt 2 G → J
Alt 3 H → K
Stratification of managed forest land
 No stratification according to tree species Alt 1 F → D
 No stratification according to MAI Alt 1 F → C
 No stratification according to tree species and MAI Alt 1 F → E
Allocation of forest management practices
 Latest instead of average data sources used to allocate forest management practices Alt 1 A → F
Alt 2 B → I
Timing of management activities
 Latest instead of combined rotation time Alt 1 H → G
Alt 2 K → J
 Average instead of combined rotation time Alt 1 H → F
Alt 2 K → I
Climate change
 Including consideration to climate change Alt 1 I → L
  1. Note that different ways that the scenarios can be contrasted to each other to draw lessons concerning a specific modelling assumption is here defined as an alternative (Alt)