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Fig. 5 | Carbon Balance and Management

Fig. 5

From: Impact of modelling choices on setting the reference levels for the EU forest carbon sinks: how do different assumptions affect the country-specific forest reference levels?

Fig. 5

Percentage change of the country-specific FRL (including HWP) when comparing different scenarios. For each key assumption, percentage change is plotted for each of the 28 EU Member States. No weighting between Member States estimates is applied. Boxes represent the first to the third quartile range and the plain line indicates the median, dotted lines delineate the first and fourth quartile points up to 1.5 times the interquartile range of the box. The top figure shows the outcome for the first compliance period, and the bottom figure shows the outcome for the second compliance period. It should be noted that a negative percentage (“−”) here implies that the carbon sink in managed forest land is increasing, while a positive percentage (“+”) implies that the carbon sink is decreasing. For clarity, outliers are not represented in this figure

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