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Table 1 Description of land uses in Hades sub-watershed

From: Carbon stock under major land use/land cover types of Hades sub-watershed, eastern Ethiopia

Land use Symbol Definition
Cropland CL Cultivated land used for production of cereal crops. In this land use, the crop residue is collected, pilled, and used for animal feed, fuel, and, in some cases, for house construction and as source of cash
Grazing land GL A land commonly used for open grazing and in some cases for cut and carry system. It is found scattered within the sub-watershed particularly in areas with impeded drainage
Coffee agroforestry CA A land use characterized by presence of coffee under Cordia africana as shade tree with well-built soil conservation structure and frequently enriched with partially decomposed organic matter such as cow dung
Natural forest NF Land covered with naturally grown trees and dominated by indigenous tree species that have reached climax whereby the understory vegetation is suppressed by the shade effect of the big trees. This land use is found mainly in the higher altitudes and steep slopes of the sub-watershed