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Table 1 Classification of land cover types in Mainland Tanzania

From: Carbon stocks for different land cover types in Mainland Tanzania

Land cover sub-class Primary class
Forest: Plantation Forest
Forest: Mangrove Forest
Forest: Humid montane Forest
Forest: Lowland Forest
Woodland: Closed (> 40%) Forest
Woodland: Open (10–40%) Forest
Cultivated land (Wooded crops): Mixed tree cropping Forest
Cultivated land (Wooded crops): Wooded crops Forest
Woodland (Wooded crops): Scattered cropland (Unspecified density) Forest
Bushland: Thicket Forest
Bushland: Thicket with emergent trees Forest
Bushland: Dense Non forest
Bushland: Emergent trees Non forest
Bushland: Open Non forest
Bushland: Scattered cultivation Non forest
Cultivated land: Agro-forestry system Non forest
Cultivated land: Grain crops Non forest
Cultivated land: Herbaceous crops Non forest
Grassland: Bushed Non forest
Grassland: Open Non forest
Grassland: Scattered cropland Non forest
Grassland: Wooded Non forest
N/A Non forest
Open land: Bare soil Non forest
Open land: Rock outcrops Non forest
Open land: Salt crusts Non forest
Other areas Non forest
Water: Inland water Wetland
Water: Swamp Wetland