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Table 5 Comparison with literature estimates of Tokyo CO2 emissions in units of millions of metric tons of CO2 per year (MMT CO2 y−1 or Mt y−1). See also Fig. 7

From: Assessing Lagrangian inverse modelling of urban anthropogenic CO2 fluxes using in situ aircraft and ground-based measurements in the Tokyo area

  Tokyo city Metropolitan area
Moriwaki and Kanda [28] 11–62 Mt y−1 85–470 Mt y−1
Tokyo government (Kankyo, mean 2005–2009) 61 Mt y−1 N/A
EDGAR 76 Mt y−1 420 Mt y−1
CDIAC 34 Mt y−1 130 Mt y−1
Babenhauserheide (in review) N/A 315 ± 121 Mt y−1
This work [40] 80 Mt y−1 554 Mt y−1