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Fig. 2

From: Carbon costs and benefits of France’s biomass energy production targets

Fig. 2

Projected annual energy production (Mtoe/year) from the three intensification scenarios separately (D, Ov, and M) and all three scenarios combined (D + Ov + M) between 2015 and 2040 as a yearly or b time-cumulative. Blue shows all three scenarios combined (D + Ov + M), brown shows intensification of actively managed sites (M), red shows intensification of harvest-delayed sites (D), green shows intensification of overstocked sites (Ov), and black shows business as usual management of all sites (BaU). The intensification scenarios are presented in section “Methods”—Intensifying forest management and summarized in Table 3. The grey dotted lines show the French national target until 2026 after which time it has not been specified whether the same trend or the same harvest level is to be maintained

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