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Table 2 List of geographical explanatory variables included in the deforestation location models

From: Questioning emissions-based approaches for the definition of REDD+ deforestation baselines in high forest cover/low deforestation countries

Variable name Resolution (m) Approx. range Sources
Protected areas 30 Binary *See legend
Distance to nearest road 150 0–170 km **See legend
Distance to nearest Greenstone area 150 0–65 km **See legend
Distance to nearest stream following Strahler classication:    [38,39,40]
Order 1–3 (small) 150 0–2 km  
Order 4–6 (intermediate) 150 0–15 km  
Order 7+ (large) 105 0–120 km  
  1. * Shapefiles of protected areas and road network were provided respectively by Forest offices in Guyana (GFC), Suriname (SBB), French Guiana (ONF) and Amapa (IEF). ** The shapefiles for Greenstone areas were manually digitized following the geological map produced by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission ( in Guyana; obtained from the Surinamese forest office (SBB) in Suriname; obtained from French Geological Survey (BRGM) in French Guiana; and provided by the Scientific and Technological Research Institute (IEPA) in Amapá