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Table 2 Non-growing season CH4 emissions (g CH4 m−2 day−1) reported from different studies

From: Spatially-integrated estimates of net ecosystem exchange and methane fluxes from Canadian peatlands

Reference Non-growing season CH4 emission (mg CH4 m−2 day−1)
Strack et al. [84] (hummock) 19.4
Strack et al. [84] (lawn) 17.0
Strack et al. [84] (hollow) 0.6
Pelletier et al. [57] (hummock) 2.5
Pelletier et al. [57] (hummock with shrubs) 1.9
Pelletier et al. [57] (hollow) 4.7
Pelletier et al. [57] (sedges and vascular) 4.6
Trudeau et al. [92] 2.7
Strack and Zuback [90] 8.1
Average 6.7