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Table 1 Description of land cover classes used for analysis of change between 1985, 2000 and 2016

From: The effects of land cover change on carbon stock dynamics in a dry Afromontane forest in northern Ethiopia

Land cover type Description
Dense forest All lands with tree cover of canopy density over 40% [34]
Open forest All lands with tree cover (including mangrove cover) of canopy density between 10 and 40% [34]
Cultivated land Areas of land prepared for growing agricultural crops. This category includes areas currently under crop and land under preparation
Bare land Areas with little or no “green” vegetation present due to erosion, overgrazing and crop cultivation
Grassland Lands covered by herbaceous plants with coverage greater than 5% and land mixed rangeland with the coverage of shrub canopies less than 10% [35]. Among the herbaceous species, Cynodon dactylon and Pennisetum petiolar had greater frequencies in the study area