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Table 2 Individual mitigation scenario and description of activities

From: Climate change mitigation in Canada’s forest sector: a spatially explicit case study for two regions

Scenario Description Parameter changed Parameter value
Harvest less Reduce harvest area Harvest area − 2% (BC)
− 5% (ON)
Higher utilization Increase the percentage of stemwood transferred to products Harvest utilization rate + 5%
Harvest residues for bioenergy Increase collection of harvest residues for bioenergy. Residues would otherwise decompose on forest floor or be slashburned Slashburn area (percentage of harvest area)
Harvest residue capture rate
− 25%
+ 25%
No slashburning Stop slashburning activities in ON Slashburn area (proportion of harvest area) − 25%
Longer-lived products (LLP) Increase the proportion of panels produced and reduce pulp and paper production. HWP commodity percentage + 4%
  1. Scenario combinations (not shown) were created by aggregating individual activities