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Fig. 2 | Carbon Balance and Management

Fig. 2

From: Potential carbon loss associated with post-settlement wetland conversion in southern Ontario, Canada

Fig. 2

Map overlay results showing a distribution of pre-settlement wetlands colour coded by wetland class, b current wetlands colour coded by wetland class, and c current land cover classification for converted wetlands, coloured by land use type. For wetlands (a, b) based on the wetland classification used in SOLRIS and the SEO peat survey (Additional file 1: Table S1; Appendix S1) and the converted land cover types (c) from Southern Ontario Land Resource Information System Version 2.0 (SOLRIS V2.0) and Table 1 [27]. Insets show the Holland Marsh, a large pre-settlement marsh and treed swamp complex. High resolution figures are available in the digital version

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