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Table 1 Peat carbon density values (Cd; kg C/m3) used for each province to calculate carbon stock

From: An appraisal of Indonesia’s immense peat carbon stock using national peatland maps: uncertainties and potential losses from conversion

Province Cd Sources
West Kalimantan 55.5 Neuzil [44], Anshari et al. [45], Warren et al. [15]
Central Kalimantan 61.6 Neuzil [44], Page et al. [46], Warren et al. [15]
South Kalimantan 61.6 Regional Central Kalimantan value used.
East Kalimantan 65.1 Average literature value
Aceh Darussalam 65.1
Bangka Belitung 65.1
Bengkulu 65.1
Jambi 54.5 Warren et al. [15]
Lampung 65.1 Average literature value
Riau 69.8 Brady [47], Neuzil [44]
West Sumatra 65.1 Average literature value
South Sumatra 65.1
North Sumatra 65.1
Papua 65.1
West Papua 65.1
  1. Average Cd from all listed sources was used for provinces absent from published literature