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Table 3 Source of data for calculating emissions from deforestation

From: Greenhouse gas emissions from tropical forest degradation: an underestimated source

Pool Source
Aboveground live Saatchi et al. biomass map ([25]; and unpublished update to 2011 increasing resolution from 500 to 250 m and adding additional ground data)
Forest mask for year 2005 from Hansen et al. [12] to exclude non-forest biomass pixels
Belowground live Equations from Mokany et al. [22]
Dead organic matter Fraction of aboveground biomass [27]
Soil organic matter Peat soil emissions—annual emission factor for drained organic soil applied for 10 years (5.3 t CO2 ha−1 year−1; [19])
Non-peat soil emissions: C stock in top 30 cm from HWSD database
Land use change soil factors from IPCC [18]