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Table 2 Dominant shade tree species recorded in each study district (percentages are proportions of total individuals recorded in each district)

From: Shade tree diversity and aboveground carbon stocks in Theobroma cacao agroforestry systems: implications for REDD+ implementation in a West African cacao landscape

Community Most dominant species Tree abundancea Proportion of total individual shade trees (%)
Adabokrom Ficus exasperata 97 10
Akontombra Persea americana 84 16.7
Asempaneye Triplochiton scleroxylon 128 10.2
Asumura Newbouldia laevis 147 47.6
Goaso Milicia excelsa 146 9.5
New Edubiase Newbouldia laevis 185 24.3
Nkawie Morinda lucida 136 13.2
Offinso Citrus sinensis 205 24.0
Sankore Newbouldia laevis 108 11.1
Wiawso Newbouldia laevis 165 47.3
  1. aTotal number of stems enumerated on a total plot size of 9 ha