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Table 1 Sources of disagreement among the four national AGB maps

From: Comparison of national level biomass maps for conterminous US: understanding pattern and causes of differences

AGB maps Forest mask Grain size (m) Spatial predictors Extrapolation technique (parametric/non-parametric) Year of generation of map Allometric equation
Saatchi et al. [16] (S) NLCD 2006 93 F(MODIS, Landsat, L-band PALSAR, GLAS, topography) Maximum Entropy (Parametric) 2005 Component ratio method
Kellndorfer et al. [17] (K) NLCD 2001 30 F(C-band InSAR, Landsat, NLCD canopy density, structure, SRTM) Regression tree (Random forest, Non-parametric) 2000 Regional method
Blackard et al. [18] (B) In house 250 F(MODIS, climate variables variables, topography) Regression tree (Cubist, Non-parametric) 2003 Regional method
Wilson et al. [19] (W) No Forest mask 250 F(MODIS, climate variables, topography, level III ecoregions) Phenological gradient nearest neighborhood (Semi-parametric/Semi-nonparametric) 2009 Component ratio method