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Table 1 List of canopy structural metrics derived from airborne LiDAR

From: Scaling wood volume estimates from inventory plots to landscapes with airborne LiDAR in temperate deciduous forest

Canopy structural metric Abbreviations
Total number of returns totRET
Count of returns by return number ret1, ret2, ret3, ret4, ret5, ret6, ret7, ret8, ret9
Minimum minCH
Maximum maxCH
Mean MCH
Median medCH
Mode modCH
Standard deviation stdev
Variance var
Coefficient of variation CV
Interquartile distance intD
Skewness skew
Kurtosis kurt
Average absolute deviation AAD
Median of the deviations from the overall median MADmed
Median of the deviations from the overall mode MADmod
L-moments (L1, L2, L3, L4) L1, L2, L3, L4
L-moment skewness Lskew
L-moment kurtosis Kurt
Percentile values (5th–95th) q1, q5, q10, q20, q25, q30, q40, q50, q60, q70, q75, q80, q90, q95, q99
Canopy relief ratio CRR
Quadratic mean CQM
Cubic mean CCM
Canopy cover cov
Canopy density dens
Strata counts s2, s4, s6, s8, s10, s12, s14, s16, s18, s20, s22, s24, s26, s28, s30, s32, s34, s36, s38, s40