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Fig. 6

From: Modelling forest carbon stock changes as affected by harvest and natural disturbances. I. Comparison with countries’ estimates for forest management

Fig. 6

Harvest rate (on the left panels, in m3 103) and the main output provided by CBM for four representative case studies (Austria, Germany, Poland and Portugal). For each country we report the net CO2 emissions estimated by CBM (Mt CO2 year−1, right panel), further distinguished between living biomass, DOM (dead wood + litter) and soil pools and a comparison with the biomass and the total net emissions reported by each country. When available, FM country data from the KP-CRF tables was used for 2008–2012 (i.e., if FM had been elected during the first KP commitment period); alternatively, country data were taken from the Convention CRF tables using ‘forest land remaining forest land’ (FL remaining FL) [18]. For Portugal, the amount of harvest provided by afforestation (AR) is also reported (panel a, left panel)

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