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Table 4 Assumptions for scenario 2—harvested wood products

From: Harvested wood products and REDD+: looking beyond the forest border

Component Low efficiency scenario (sub-scenario 2a) High efficiency scenario (sub-scenario 2b)
Logging residuals 5 times the amount of extracted timber (conventional logging) Same amount as extracted timber (reduced impact logging)
Mill residues 60 %, no energetic use 40 %, energetic use
Displacement factor 0.8 (corresponds to 1.48 kg CO2e emission reduction per kg of wood) 2.1 (corresponds to 3.9 kg CO2e emission reduction per kg of wood)
Proportion of HWPs for energetic use at end of lifecycle 0 % 60 %
Proportion of C-stock of HWPs emitted at end of life cycle 100 % 40 %