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Table 1 Summary of biomass products used in this study

From: Local discrepancies in continental scale biomass maps: a case study over forested and non-forested landscapes in Maryland, USA

Product Sensor and year Field data and year Resolution Forest mask Approach Uncertainty map References
2011–2014 30 m NAIP high-res tree canopy cover Random forest, regression tree Percentile error (QRF) [12, 18]
NBCD_NCE Landsat + SRTM 2000 2000 30 m NLCD 2001 Random forest, regression tree Quality voids [13]
Blackard MODIS
2005–2009 250 m NLCD 1992 Cubist, regression tree Relative error [14]
Wilson MODIS
2005–2009 250 m NLCD 2001 percent tree canopy 25 % PGNN, kNN   [15]
Saatchi MODIS + PALSAR + Landsat 2005 ~250 m v1b
~90 m v2b
NLCD 2006 MaxEntropy, parametric Percent error [16]
  1. aYear is national maps in eastern US.
  2. bOriginal maps are in lat/lon, where v1 with 0.00222222 250 m and v2 with 0.00083333 deg 90 m.
  3. DRL Discrete Return Lidar, 1–2 m small footprint lidar aggregate, NAIP National Agriculture Imagery Program, QRF Quantile Regression Forests, SRTM Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, PALSAR Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar, PGNN Phenological Gradient Nearest Neighbor, kNN k-nearest neighbor.