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Table 1 Carbon credit estimation based on forest biomass changes for the study area based on InSAR height changes

From: Monitoring forest carbon in a Tanzanian woodland using interferometric SAR: a novel methodology for REDD+

Period Height change AGB change CO2 emission Payment value
m t ha−1 year−1 t ha−1 US$ ha−1
MRV 2011 - 2012 −0.041 −0.58 −1.34 −6.68
Reference level 2000 - 2011 −0.437 −0.56 −1.30 −6.48
MRV deviation from reference level   −0.02 −0.04 −0.20
  1. The 2011–2012 change is derived from TanDEM-X data in both years, while the 2000–2011 change is from SRTM to TanDEM-X. Height change is recalculated to AGB change assuming 14.1 t/ha/m, − this is further recalculated to CO2 emissions assuming 2.31 t CO2/t AGB, and this is further recalculated to a payment value assuming a carbon price of 5 $/t CO2