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Table 6 Object-based image segmentation and ground based measurement comparisons for the LD and HD 300 m 2 plots

From: Twentieth century carbon stock changes related to Piñon-Juniper expansion into a black sagebrush community

Measurement LD HD
Image segmentation canopies 32 42
Ground measured canopies 31 42
Image segmentation canopy area plot-1 (m2) 137.00 235.00
Ground measured canopy area plot-1 (m2) 130.05 213.57
Image segmentation mean canopy area tree-1 (m2) 4.15 (0.55) 5.46 (0.59)
Ground measured mean canopy area (m2) 4.19 (0.69) 5.08 (0.83)
Image segmentation kg C plot-1 455.12 846.11
Ground based measured kg C plot-1 using Huang et al. [49] calculation 457.98 833.39
Ground based measured kg C plot-1 using dbh 327.26 937.49
  1. Image segmentation tree C estimates per plot use the equation developed by Huang et al. [49]. Ground based tree C estimates are shown twice. Once using tree canopy area and the Huang et al. [49] equation and once using dbh and the appropriate tree species equation.