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Table 3 Tree regeneration rates in treated and untreated stands in the Angora fire

From: Variation in tree mortality and regeneration affect forest carbon recovery following fuel treatments and wildfire in the Lake Tahoe Basin, California, USA

Estimate Statistic Treated plots (n = 37) Untreated plots (n = 71)
Total Natural Mean 794.74 2765.14
Seedlings ha-1 Sd 893.66 13946.16
  Median 518.92 0
Total Planted Mean 65.45 151.05
Seedlings ha-1 Sd 255.75 292.28
  Median 0 0
  1. Rates of tree regeneration (seedlings ha-1) observed in treated and untreated stands at our study site three years after wildfire (2010) without distinguishing between species or year of establishment.