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Table 1 Methods used to estimate carbon density before and after disturbance by treatment and wildfire

From: Variation in tree mortality and regeneration affect forest carbon recovery following fuel treatments and wildfire in the Lake Tahoe Basin, California, USA

C Pool Source of Biomass equation Biomass to C factor Pre-Treatment Pre-Wildfire 2008 2009 2010
Live trees FVS-WS default [38] 0.5 Prefire live treelist plus stumps Prefire live treelist As observed 2008 As observed 2009 As observed 2010
Dead Trees FVS-WS default [38] 0.5 Prefire snag list Prefire snag list
Wood > 7.62 cm Waddell et al. [42] 0.5 Surface C pools: Average from untreated stands outside fire Surface C: pools Average from untreated or treated stands outside fire
Wood < 7.62 cm Brown [43], van Wagtendonk [44] 0.5   
Litter and duff van Wagtendonk [45] 0.37 [46]   
  1. Methods used to calculate carbon density for five aboveground pools (live trees, dead trees, small woody debris, large woody debris, and litter and duff) at five time steps on 13 treated and 26 untreated Common Stand Exam plots in the Angora fire.