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Table 7 Summary of Remote Sensing Data Collected in 2009

From: The use of airborne laser scanning to develop a pixel-based stratification for a verified carbon offset project

  Color Infrared Light Detection And Ranging
Acronym CIR LiDAR
Date Collected 7/1/2009
Source Fixed-wing aircraft
Instrument Digital Mapping Camera from Zeiss/Intergraph Imaging ALTM Gemini from Optech Incorporated
Scale Full ownership
Projection North American Datum 1983 UTM zone 10N
Resolution 0.6 meter 5 returns/square meter, 24° field of view, 0.44 postings/square meter.
Spectrum visible and near-infrared (380 nm to 2500 nm) near-infrared (760 nm to 2500 nm)
Accuracy Horizontal accuracy sub 1 meter Horizontal accuracy sub 50 cm Vertical accuracy sub 15 cm
Data Form 4 bands: red, blue, green, and near-infrared Discrete Waveform with classified returns (ground, mid-canopy, upper-canopy)
Products Ortho-rectified 4 band CIR All and first return LiDAR (raw data) 1 m2 Digital Elevation Model (DEM) 0.5 m2 Canopy Height Model (CHM)Crown Polygon Layer