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Table 1 Inventory Accuracy Statistics

From: The use of airborne laser scanning to develop a pixel-based stratification for a verified carbon offset project

Sample Type Original Forest Inventory: (Multi-Stage Probability Proportional To Size Stand Based Stratification) ALS and ORS Grid-Based Inventory: (post-stratification)
C 90% Accuracy 3.72% 3.42%
BA 90% Accuracy 5.4% 3.60%
BF 90% Accuracy 7.56% 5.30%
  1. The original forest accuracy estimates are based on all plots grown forward to 2009 using the Forest Projection and Planning System growth and yield model calibrated to the Northern California redwood region. The 90% accuracy percentage is the property level standard error of the mean multiplied by the 90% t-value (1.645) divided by the mean value.