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Table 6 Total AGB using different combinations of biomass and spatial data

From: Mapping biomass with remote sensing: a comparison of methods for the case study of Uganda

Biomass data Spatial data Total AGB (Tg) Difference (%) Fuzzy Numerical
NBS plots NBS LC 468a - -
GLC2000+FAO GEZ 377 -19.5% 0.568
GlobCover+FAO GEZ 363 -22.5% 0.565
Landsat 343b -26.7% 0.608
IPCC Tier1 GLC2000+FAO GEZ 2,234 - 0.265
GlobCover+FAO GEZ 2,191 -1.9% 0.292
NBS LC 1,492 -33.2% 0.410
  1. The values indicated with the symbol (a) and (b) are derived from [20] and [21], respectively. The table also reports the percentage difference of total AGB using different spatial dataset for each biomass reference data and the Fuzzy Numerical index. The Fuzzy Numerical index is computed by comparing each map with the NBS reference map (NBS plots + NBS LC) at 1 Km resolution