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Table 1 Overview fundamental components of forest carbon standards

From: Effectiveness and legitimacy of forest carbon standards in the OTC voluntary carbon market

Standard A/R CDM American Carbon Registry (ACR) CarbonFix Standard (CFS) Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCBS) ISO 14064-2/3:2006 Plan Vivo Standards Social Carbon Standard Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
Eligible project location Non-Annex I countries Globally Globally United States of America Globally Globally Developing countries Globally Globally
Baseline/Additionality o o
Leakage o o
Quantification and accounting of GHGs o
Permanence Not applicable o Not applicable
Environmental and social performance o
Monitoring guidance
3 rd -party validation/verification
Accreditation of validators/verifiers
Prevention of double counting w Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Independent registry Not applicable Not applicable
Guidance on ownership & liabilities for GHG reversals Not applicable Not applicable
  1. ✔ = The standard sets regulation on the fundamental component
  2. = The standard partially sets regulation on the fundamental component
  3. = The standards does set regulation on the fundamental component
  4. Not applicable = Due to the scope of the standard, this criteria does require regulation
  5. The table is based on the review of the respective standards documents and the respective websites of each standard [1628]