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Table 2 Data availability for RELs for community forestry and degradation

From: Dealing with locally-driven degradation: A quick start option under REDD+

Level   Data available Data not usually available
Community forest management projects registered for REDD+ Activity data Area degraded at the start and at the end of the accounting period (derived from forest inventory and possibly modeling) Historical rate of change of degraded area (not visible in medium resolution satellite images, high resolution images not available for earlier periods)
  Emissions factors Stock change over the accounting period (monitored by forest inventory)
Biophysical modeling
Independently verified, qualitative assessment by experts that area had been degrading in the past.
Historical rate of biomass loss per hectare (not measurable from satellite imagery, no earlier forest inventories)
National level Activity data Would require geographic modeling over broad areas Areas subjected to degradation by communities in the past, and rate of change of this area
  Emissions factors Tier 2 level data on typical standing stock levels Rate of change of standing stock