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Table 1 Forest degradation activities and their degree of detection using Landsat-type data, adapted from [44].

From: Options for monitoring and estimating historical carbon emissions from forest degradation in the context of REDD+

Highly Detectable Detection limited & increasing data/effort Detection very limited
• Deforestation
• Forest fragmentation
• Recent slash-and-burn agriculture
• Major canopy fires
• Major roads
• Conversion to tree monoculture
• Hydroelectric dams and other forms of flood disturbances
• Large-scale mining
• Selective logging
• Forest surface fires
• A range of edge-effects
• Oldslash-and-burn agriculture
• Small scale mining
• Unpaved secondary roads (6-20 m wide)
• Selective thinning of canopy trees
• Harvesting of most non-timber plants products
• Low-mechanized selective logging
• Narrow roads (< 6 m wide)
• Understory thinning and clear cutting
• Invasion of exotic species