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Table 1 Variables used in the analysis

From: Assessing data availability for the development of REDD-plus national reference levels

RL Variable Unit Source
Historical Forest area 103 ha [14]
Forest-trend Forest area 103 ha [14]
BAU Land use area (forest, farmland, unclassified land) 103 ha [14]
  Population 103 persons [15]
  GDP at the country level 109 Baht [16]
  Sectoral GDP (in agriculture, manufacture, construction, sales, transportation, finance, public) 109 Baht [16]
  Production of major agricultural crops 103 tonnes [17]
  Production of major meat 103 tonnes [17]
  Production of wood products 103 m2 [18]
  Productivity for major agricultural crops*   
  Area of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries 103 ha [19]
  1. *'Production of major agricultural crops' divided by area of 'farmland'.