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Table 4 Comparison of wood burial and power plant CCS. The markets use tCO2 as carbon unit which can be converted into tC with the conversion factor the molecular weight ratio CO2:C = 44:12; both units are shown.

From: Carbon sequestration via wood burial

Wood Burial Power plant CO2 capture with geological storage Price on Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) 2006 European carbon trading market price during 2005–2007
$14/tCO2 ($7–27) $20–270/tCO2 [14] $3–4/tCO2 €1–33/tCO2
$50/tC ($25–100) $73–990/tC $12–16/tC €4–120/tC
Storage safe; semi-permanent, reversible; some environmental concern Possibility of leakage; lower cost storage capacity small   
Potential: 10 ± 5 GtC y-1
Long-term: thousands of GtC or no practical limit
Potential rate is limited by scale of operation
Longterm: > 500 GtC